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A brief history

DJM Building Consultants was formed by David Murphy on October 28, 1994, prior to this date the company operated under the name of David Murphy and Associates. David Murphy and Associates was formed in January 1992.

Since the inception of the company the purpose has been to provide an effective consulting Building Surveying service to the building industry.

From June 1994, when the new act was introduced, we have issued over 20,000 permits for a full range of projects.

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  • What we do

    DJM's principal business is providing building permits, however, over the past ten years we have also provided an effective and efficient quality inspection service for some of Victoria's largest builders. The quality inspection service has been instrumental in assisting builders achieve display home standards as a minimum base, in addition the quality inspections have reduced the number of owner builder reports that can be extremely disruptive to the building process. Some builders have used this independent quality inspection as an effective selling point.
    Experienced and Qualified Building Surveyors and Inspectors
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    We pride ourselves on our efficient and friendly customer service, this is reinforced by the fact that our business has grown via referrals only, we have never needed to actively advertise or door knock for new clientele. This ensures we are dealing only with clients that have the same high expectations as you.
  • Where we go

    This is a state wide service, we have a team of 4 inspectors that cover all metropolitan Melbourne inspections. We achieve approximately 90% of inspections via our own inspectors, this allows a rapport to be built with the inspector that ensures you get the best possible service.

    We aim to offer the best available Building Permit service via qualified and competent team of surveyors who will assist you in all regulatory matters.

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