Essential Safety

  • Essential Safety Measures are the fire and life safety services and materials which are installed or incorporated into a building to ensure adequate levels of egress safety and fire resistance are maintained for the occupants of the building and neighbouring property.  Stakeholders and occupants of buildings have an expectation that Essential Safety Measures installed within their building/s will perform as they are intended and are undergoing required maintenance as applicable.
    ESM infrastructure and services within buildings can be described as Passive and Active systems. An essential safety measure is defined under the Building Regulations 2006 as an item listed in Tables I1.1 to I1.11 of Volume One of the BCA, except the item in Table I1.4 relating to artificial lighting.

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Building Permit and Inspection service

This is a state wide service, we have a team of 4 inspectors that cover all metropolitan Melbourne inspections. We achieve approximately 90% of inspections via our own inspectors, this allows a repor to be built with the inspector that insures you get the best possible service. We aim to offer the best available Building Permit service via qualified and competent team of surveyors who will assist you in all regulatory matters.

Quality Inspection Reports

Quality inspections are undertaken to ensure that your construction meets your minimum design and specification requirements. Inspections are carried out at stages that suit your construction requirements and can include frame work, brick work, plastering, and final quality inspections. This process ensures that the construction has an independent check of the works undertaken up to a display home standard and constructed in accordance with the current Guide to Standards and Tolerances issued by the Building Commission.

Alternative Solution Reports

DJM has been formulated several Alternative Solution Packages for builders, this permits variations to the Deemed to Satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia. The benefits are two fold, firstly you have a document that represents the way that you actually construct your building. Secondly, it reduces the affect of private consultants reports in that they can not use a standard item check list that simply uses the deemed to satisfy requirements of the BCA.

Essential Safety Measures Reports

Essential safety measures and the checking of these measures is mandatory in Victoria on the 13 June 2006 the Building Regulations 2006 was released this requires all commercial building owners to have an Annual Essential Safety Measure Report prepared by June 2009. This may seem a long way in the future, however, in our experience compliance can take between 6 to 12 months Therefore it is in the building owners best interest to start the process now.

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